How We Invest

Our approach in LDG’s private equity portfolio focuses on identifying investment opportunities based on the below verticals:

Markets with tailwinds

We prefer investing with businesses and markets that have favorable growth trends and tailwinds.

Areas of specialization

We like deals where we can create sustainable value. In most cases, we partner with General Partners in co-investment structures and drive growth collaboratively. Businesses in the Materials, Chemicals, Transportation, GreenTech, and Healthcare sectors have been at the forefront of our equity investments as these are the areas where we can create the highest value by utilizing our expertise and network.

Recurring cash flows with a strong growth trajectory

We invest in established businesses with recurring cash flows and strong growth potential. We try not to invest in early-stage venture capital unless it is something we are passionate about.

Strong leadership and partnership dynamics

This is probably the most important among all. A strong operating team that will deliver on the vision is the true driver of sustainable growth. We look for alignment between the values of all sides involved. We invest in people we believe and our involvement goes beyond the capital.

Sustainability/ESG performance

We partner with the operating teams of our portfolio companies to support them in their sustainability journey. We actively engage with operators to help them set a sustainability agenda and incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities into their decision-making processes. This is why we like deals where there is room for growth in the sustainability/ESG vertical.